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Snapchat Geofilters – An Absolute Necessity For Your Next Corporate Event

snapchat-brands-logo-hed-2015If you think that Snapchat is merely for teenagers to pass along messages, then you are absolutely in the dark. It has morphed into a powerful tool for digital marketers. The efficiency and reach of Snapchat become manifold when geofilters come into the play. If you are looking to buy Snapchat Geofilters, but are clueless on how to proceed, then you are in luck. In this article, we help you resolve all your queries on how to use Geofilters efficiently to increase the reach of your business.

Still not convinced about the massive potential of Snapchat for your business? Then, here are some impressive facts about Snapchat, that can persuade you to get started with this great tool right away. The total number of users has nearly doubled in one single year. You can tap into this huge audience pool with the use of the right Geofilters.

What is a Snapchat Geofilter?
A geofilter places a virtual fence around a specified geographical location. When Snapchat users enter or leave that particular area, the filter pops up. They can then use the filter to their pictures and this filter is visible when they share the pictures with their circle of friends. While a Geofilter may look like a mere additive to the app, they are much more than that. When used in the right way, it can help to increase awareness of your brand and add value to your marketing strategies.

How do Geofilters Work?
If you already have a Snapchat account for your business, then you can easily access Geofilters right from your account. Draw your geographical boundary on the screen, after pressing the Geofilter icon. You boundary should enclose the area you are targeting or must include the location where you are holding an event. The cost of the filter depends on the area you select. Wider the area, higher is the cost of the filter. Once you have finished demarcating your area, you can then proceed to design your filter and add it to Snapchat.

The Right Time to Use Geofilters
Do not use geofilters every day. Reserve them for exclusive events like a new product launch or a charity event hosted by your business or to target new audience and so on. Also, you have to consider the number of people who will be a part of the event. If you think that the event will attract only a handful of users, then it’s better to wait until you have more audience.

How to Use Geofilters to Extend Your Reach?
Custom Snapchat geofilters are an excellent way to spread awareness about your product or service. The usage of these filters is not only restricted to event attendees but also their friends and circle of acquaintances who see the picture. They then associate the image with your brand. This is a critical factor that determines the success of your marketing campaign. So make sure you include your brand logo in the filter. However, remember that the logo shouldn’t be so big that it covers the entire screen. Strike the right balance.

Get started with custom Snapchat Geofilters today and turn your next corporate event into a phenomenal success.

Top Tips For Choosing Roofing Services

roofingA good roof is an important part of the house as it is going to take up a significant portion of the exterior part of the house. It is crucial in determining the look of your house. Roofs constructed using poor quality materials or cheap roofing materials can deteriorate over time leaving your roof looking shabbier damaging the appearance of your home. Therefore, choosing a right roofing contractor is very important. You can check online by searching with phrases like Roof Top Services of Central Florida, Inc. to get an idea. If you have narrowed down a roofer and would like to check them out, you can use the website that has all the information.

It can be tough to choose the roofer that can do their job perfectly. Therefore, here is a quick checklist for you to understand what you need to look for while selecting a roofing service and ensure that you make the best out of what you are spending for.

One of the primary necessities is that they have insurance. The company must have both worker’s insurance as well as liability insurance. Otherwise, any injuries that can happen while the workers are working in your home will be charged to you as you are the owner of the house. Therefore, check with the company what kind of insurance procedures they have and what gets covered in each of their categories of insurance. This will also give you the relief that a part of the work that the company is doing is covered by insurance and if anything goes wrong, they will be able to take care of it.

When choosing a service provider, always choose someone who is from your locality. Not just in terms of location, but in terms of having a good reputation among the community members. Choosing someone from your own town might be easy since many of the homeowners might visit the same roofing company if their services are good. This company will have an excellent recommendation which will make you feel confident about going for them. Many times, warranty period comes along with the service. There have been cases where the company has shut the shop and vanished even before the warranty period is over. Therefore, choose a company with a good reputation.

Although we would love to go for the company which offers their services at lower cost, make sure that you check why their costs are low. Sometimes, another company with a higher price might use a better product or design that could be beneficial in the long run. Therefore, make a decision based on the level of service and not on the cost.

Never go for the kind of companies that drop in pamphlets in the newspaper or post boxes. Get a referral from someone in your area and then choose the roofer. You can also try to read reviews about their work on their website or Facebook pages.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are looking for a roofer to fix your home.