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the best clawfoot tub shower curtain

The bathroom is one of the rooms in our houses that requires to be cleaned most often, along with the kitchen. It is an art to keep it shiny clean and I would like to share few tips how to do it, as I believe that I have mastered cleaning my own bathroom – I often get complimented on the state of it, mainly because of my clawfoot tub shower curtain.

Fewer and fewer people have time to bath in the tub, a bath is often replaced by a quick shower, which makes a modern bathroom hard to imagine without a shower. When it is often used, it is particularly exposed to the dirt – the mineral salts contained in water stay on the walls of the cab creating the so-called residue. This unsightly view can spoil the image of even the most beautifully designed bathroom, and the available means for removing sludge are unfortunately not very effective. You can prevent this from happening by taking care of your bathroom, but also using special appliances – clawfoot tub shower curtain will prevent limestone from appearing in your bathroom.
Clean shower stall can be achieved under the protection of AntiCalc. Glass is not perfectly smooth, which is why it accumulates the mineral salts contained in the water so easily on itself. They are very difficult to clean and the substances that we use often ineffective. To prevent permanent settlements of the calcium, RAVAK cabins and shower doors with glass panels protects the AntiCalc hydrophobic coating. It works like an invisible shield and causes the water to repel from the glass. Water falling on the AntiCalc shell flows faster, which significantly impedes the formation of permanent deposits. Smaller droplets which remain on the glass surface leave only a dry smudges, which can be easily removed by a wet cloth.