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Junk – The Various Types and Sources In Denver

Junk Removal

Junk is any unwanted object, substance or material. The term junk is only regional and used in particular localities. In other places, it is referred to as waste, rubbish, garbage or trash. It is worthy to note that, what one regards or dumps as junk can be used safely by another, depending on its condition or the type of material.

What are the sources of junk? The various types of Junk generated come from industrial, agricultural, mining, commercial and residential sources. Junk from residential sources include; electronics, furniture, plumbing fixtures, mattresses etc. Those from industries include waste chemicals, metal scraps, and plastics. Agricultural waste or junk include crop residue, obsolete pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Mining activities generate, sludge and many hazardous substances. Junk from commercial and financial institutions include papers, documents, plastics etc.

The various types of junk can be grouped into organic and inorganic materials. Junk that is organic in nature is easily biodegradable and usually non-hazardous. Inorganic junk includes metals, plastics, and glass. They are many a times non-biodegradable. Junk that is not biodegradable can stay in the environment for a long time if just dumped and not reused or recycled.

Daily, tons and tons of junk is generated. Even small cities can produce junk at such a rate that if not properly managed can overwhelm them. Junk management is a big problem and burden for many companies, households, and businesses. Although its management is difficult, with the right institution contracted it can be easily handled.

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